Was it just a Fashion Show?

The other night as I watched the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show I noticed I began feeling insecure and sad about myself, my body, my “look”, (not to mention my inability to walk like that in high heels.) I felt badly, because at my age, it is no longer possible for me to have the body or the “look” of a VS “angel” and, truth be told, it wasn’t possible when I was younger either. I can never compare to those models nor could I ever. So I began to wonder what other women-especially young women- felt as they watched the exotically de cored, minimally dressed, winged women strut their stuff down the runway. I wondered about those of you that watched with male friends and/or boyfriends/partners- how was that for you, how did you feel about yourself, your body, your potential? I would love to hear from all of you and have a conversation about this. Did watching the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show impact you, did you like it, not like, feel better or worse about yourself, think it was supportive, good for women or unsupportive of women? Or maybe it was just a show and you feel nothing…..

Patricia Boswell

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  1. Hi, Patricia! Hope all is well for you- I watched the VS Fashion Show with two of my teammates (while we were licking brownie batter out of the bowl/spatula, but that’s neither here nor there). The three of us are not even close to being model-thin. We’re what’s considered “thick.” To be honest, I know it didn’t make me feel bad about myself. As we both know I was very insecure growing up with your gorgeous daughter, but I’ve accepted my body for what it is and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it now. I work out so I can still eat chocolate on a daily basis, and I love it. Any insecurities I might have had have been completely destroyed by my boyfriend, who, on a regular basis, tells me how great my curves are. Truthfully, I don’t think the other girls felt bad either. We talked about how ridiculous their bodies were and how awkward it must be to be so tall and thin. Then we tried to figure out if they got their bodies by starving themselves, fanatically working out, or both. Of course, there’s no doubt that they are also thin naturally, but they must be doing something extra to look that way, and I know I would not be happy denying myself food. So I guess I consider them in the same way I consider professional athletes. Both make their money by being naturally gifted with something that most others don’t have, and they work hard to alter their bodies in order to be the best they can be at their careers. In fact, they often sacrifice their health to be the best. I know I don’t want to live that kind of lifestyle, and I know that I’m healthy and happy with the way I am. I enjoyed the show- it was glitz and glamour and all in all, an entertaining show.

  2. The fashion show is a yearly tradition for me and now a few others too. We get together and make a party out of it. However it is an odd phenomenon. We watched it in a small group. 2 girls and 2 boys. It was Jena, Ryne, Adam and I. As we watched the boys were drooling at these women and Jena and I were commenting on the outfits themselves for the most part. We put up a good front with the boys that we were secure about watching this with them and that it didn’t really phase us. However, any one with the intelligence of more then a peanut could see that we both were quite insecure. We were both making comments about gym routines and diet habits. Different ways to dress and how we could attempt to elicit the response the boys gave that television in real life. We basically came to the conclusion that there was really nothing we could do, because not only are these women beautiful they are infamous. They are something that you can want but never have. There is nothing that we will be able to do that will have that same allure. We will never be Victoria Secret Angles. All of that being said, I have watched it every year since I was 11 and I will continue to watch it. I, as well, love the allure of the unattainable. I enjoy sitting with people that, in every day life terms, are amazingly beautiful and sharing with them this sense that there is a level of perfection we both will never reach. Because in reality these are the people I compare myself to daily. They are the VS Angles of our friends and I know I will never be that. Not in a fake television world, or the world I actually inhabit. But to sit there with them and feel the same insecurities and the same sense of how ridiculous these women are, is comforting. It is an unspoken trust between me and whomever I am watching with. We sit there and say, yes I know what you are going through, I’m not perfect either. And at the end of the day that support from your friends is truly what you need, not unattainable, surface deep, beauty.

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