Random Acts of Kindness

Anyone that lives in Pittsburgh knows that going for a walk involves hills. It is the good news and the bad. I love that I have a treadmill right outside my door and hate that there is no such thing as a leisurely walk that doesn’t involve sweating.


So it was this morning. The spring weather has me ditching the gym and heading out over the hilly terrain of Pittsburgh to get my heart rate up and, hopefully soon, my butt in a favorite pair of summer slacks. On my last leg of my route is a very steep hill. As I looked up from the bottom, I prepared myself mentally and physically for the climb. I found a favorite song on my ipad, jacked up the volume, dropped my focus into my hips, made sure my feet were fully meeting the sidewalk, took a deep breath and started up the hill. Whew, half way up I decided there was no shame in stopping against a railing to rest. As I rested I noticed the neighborhood, smelled a cigar-couldn’t find the culprit-and noticed two cars drive past me going down the hill.


I started the second stretch. I was tired and not sure I wanted to, or could, do it. I remembered going into labor with Jena, my second child. When I got into the full throes of labor I said (well shouted) to my husband, “I changed my mind, I don’t want to do this.” I fully expected him to say okay and we would go home. We didn’t.


The also remembered was when I was leaving my marriage. I would go to the gym and run (I am not a runner) on the treadmill. I would think I was going to die. I would tell myself that if I could survive 5 more minutes of running than I wouldn’t die leaving my marriage. I ran those 5 minutes. I didn’t die. I felt more confident, so I ran 5 more telling myself, “If I can run 5 more minutes without dying…” I ran 30 minutes this way and successfully ended my marriage.


So it was with me and this hill. If I could do this hill I could survive anything. And, since every alternative route home also involved a steep incline, there was no backing out. Halfway up the second stretch a women in a Honda CRV pulled up next to me and rolled down her window. I wasn’t sure I could talk to give her the directions she must be stopping to ask me. Then it occurred to me, wasn’t she one of the cars that just passed me? I stopped walking and looked in through the open window.


“Do you need a ride?” she asked with concern.


I instantly had a visual of how tragic I must have looked plodding up this incline and felt ashamed. Gratefully, as quickly as my shame reared its disabling head, it was replaced by how touched I felt by her kindness. She had turned around to check on me.


“Bless your heart,” I said between gulps of air, “but I am going to do this!”


“You go girl!” she responded.


I did. I conquered that hill, with her encouragement and kindness inspiring me all the way.


Encouragement and kindness. I think that is all we need.


Thank you, woman in the CRV.

Patricia Boswell

4 comments on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I had a similar experience with kindness on Saturday too. While I was watching my daughters crew race,A 17 year old young man stood with me and chatted. It was pouring down rain. He did not have a rain jacket. I told him he should get under cover and he said he was just fine. It was really pleasant. He told me about his crew team, what they were doing, why he liked it etc etc. I just thought it was nice that he stood in the pouring rain on the bridge with a middle age woman entertaining me. He laughed and made jokes . He also laughed at my jokes. It was very refreshing… Thanks Adam for hanging with me for about 3 hours It was fun.l

  2. I was in a freak accident saturday (fell through a rotted dock) and am now on crutches for the next few days until the wounds heal. This is the first time on crutches for me and it is quite the experience/challenge! All of a sudden, stairs and doors are real obstacles and have quickly become my arch nemesis. Today, I woke up and read this post and thought its still rare to get that kind of kindness anymore. I pondered how funny I was going to look today hobbling to class and the weird looks I would get. Nevertheless, I was really nervous to make it all the way to class but I went anyway. All of a sudden, people were jumping to my aid! Doors were held open and I was helped to jump down the stair cases (even carried in some cases!) I tried to fall over twice in the hallway (because I am that talented at working crutches haha) but this girl ran to my aid, helped me pick everything up, and walked me the rest of the way to class. I was pleasantly surprised by today. Thank you to those who restored my faith in random acts of kindness!

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