I Love My Life

Before I lived in Pittsburgh I said to myself, “When I live in Pittsburgh, I am going to go to meditation classes, ti chi, and yoga classes, I’m going to sit in coffee shops with friends, go to art openings, eat fun food in interesting neighborhoods, and take some art classes.”


I have lived in Pittsburgh for over 4 years now. All the activities I couldn’t wait to take advantage of are right at my finger tips. I have done a few, sporadically, but not to the extent I imagined. Why? I have no excuses. I take that back…I have plenty of excuses, “I’m too tired, I don’t have time, parking is too hard, I have to cross a bridge (did I just say that? I must really be a Pittsburgher), I don’t want to commit to every week.”


Why do I do this? Why do I talk myself out of the things I dream of? Do you do this too?


As I sit with that question I come up with several versions of viable answers. They all lead to…


What if I didn’t?


What if I gave myself the time and energy to do those things I dream of.


What if I promised myself to follow my interest, my desire, my heart?


What if…(fill in your own)?


I can’t imagine it would be harmful to follow my interests. Can you?


So I have a challenge.


Together, let’s do one thing a week that is enough out of our ordinary routine that we smile, a heart felt smile, knowing we are alive. I will start a I LOVE MY LIFE forum on Off the Couch and we can share our stories. Hearing others success and excitement can be contagious. Don’t make it a big deal thing, just easy and fun. A dinner at a new restaurant you always wanted to go to, a store you have wanted to explore, a book that has been calling your name, a meal you have wanted to cook, a friend you have wanted to spend time with, a new way home through a neighborhood you have wanted to see.


You get the idea.


To share your experience look under Pages (left column) for I LOVE MY LIFE. Click I LOVE MY LIFE and leave a comment. Your comment will show up on the right sidebar so we can easily read everyones fulfilled promise to themselves.


Don’t be shy. Your story will encourage all of us.


I will go first.

Patricia Boswell

2 comments on “I Love My Life

  1. First let me start out by saying I ended a major chapter in my life. The blank pages of the new chapters jeered and taunted me at first but I made a conscience decision to slap those pages in the face and get them on my side. All of a sudden, things were a little brighter. These were not pages that HAD to be filled but wanted to be filled with adventures. I will say I have relied on my friends to give me that extra nudge to get off my butt when I feel like sitting at home. One of my best friends and I have made a promise to each other that we will not let each other make excuses. Because of these two new promises and active decisions to myself and friend, my life has become one big adventure! For the first time, I feel like I am actually living in a movie (a really good one at that!) SO THANK YOU for the extra challenge!

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