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Recently I have been noticing groups of women, girlfriends, hanging out together. Usually I saw them at restaurants, engrossed in lively conversation.  Sometimes they had flocked to the ladies room, after a movie, agreeing and disagreeing on the merits of the film as they wash their hands, one or two including themselves in the dialogue by yelling their thoughts from their respective stalls. Over the holidays many of the women’s gatherings included gift giving, wrapping paper and boxes filling the table and the floor around them. I noticed myself in these moments. I was aware I felt warmer, safer in the world, knowing the emotional gifts that are generated by women caring for one another. I have said many times, “When women are supported to speak from their hearts, magic happens and the world changes.”

I had been considering the magic of “girlfriends” when I heard that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes to the pleading of her two close girlfriends. As they stoked her hand, calling her by her nickname Gabby, and implored her to get well-so they could go out for pizza and gather this summer, as they did last summer, in New Hampshire for summer vacation with their families-Gabby began to she fight to open her eyes.  She did! Her doctor, who was in the room at the time, admitted he never believed in the healing power of friendship, but after witnessing what is now being called “Girl Power,” he believed.

Girlfriends are SO important. They are the ones that say, “Call me any time, day or night.” The ones that will tell us the truth when we ask, “Does this make me look fat?”  Girlfriends understand, often with no words spoken. I love and need my girlfriends. I feel better when I talk with them. I feel safer in the world because of them.

How about you? In celebration of the media blitz… Girl Power, please share your story of that special woman in your life that means everything to you.

Patricia Boswell

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  1. Patricia, I read your words & got to the end where you asked about OUR stories of girlfriends & call me crazy, but my mind shot to my Mom….but not the way it sounds. It would seem that I was HER girlfriend, taking her out with my girlfriends & introducing her by her 1st name….she loved it. I think it was clear that she’d never experienced this, which was a weird turnaround for ME. Last wk., when I was with my own daughter, making dinner & enjoying a glass of vino with her friends, watching their interactions & feeling so very fortunate for that experience, I let her know that MY mom was never like this with me…..not in a sad or remorseful way did I say this, just matter of fact. I always stress to her the sentiments that you put forth .always make sure that she has girlfriends in her life. The list of things women get/give to each other goes on & on, but oddly enough the best quote on all this was from a male friend that lost his wife to illness. His men friends were lacking during his need for support, but the women in the neighborhood gathered round him….”There’s nothing like a room full of women!”, were his words. “With them, I can just be & feel whatever I need to.” Touche` 🙂

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