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Before I lived in Pittsburgh I said to myself, “When I live in Pittsburgh, I am going to go to meditation classes, ti chi, and yoga classes, I’m going to sit in coffee shops with friends, go to art openings, eat fun food in interesting neighborhoods, and take some art classes.”

I have lived in Pittsburgh for over 4 years now. All the activities I couldn’t wait to take advantage of are right at my finger tips. I have done a few, sporadically, but not to the extent I imagined. Why? I have no excuses. I take that back…I have plenty of excuses, “I’m too tired, I don’t have time, parking is too hard, I have to cross a bridge (did I just say that? I must really be a Pittsburgher), I don’t want to commit to every week.”

Why do I do this? Why do I talk myself out of the things I dream of? Do you do this too?

As I sit with that question I come up with several versions of viable answers. They all lead to…

What if I didn’t?

What if I gave myself the time and energy to do those things I dream of.

What if I promised myself to follow my interest, my desire, my heart?

What if…(fill in your own)?

I can’t imagine it would be harmful to follow my interests. Can you?

So I have a challenge.

Together, let’s do one thing a week that is enough out of our ordinary routine that we smile, a heart felt smile, knowing we are alive. I will start a I LOVE MY LIFE forum on BeingBoswell and we can share our stories. Hearing others success and excitement can be contagious. Don’t make it a big deal thing, just easy and fun. A dinner at a new restaurant you always wanted to go to, a store you have wanted to explore, a book that has been calling your name, a meal you have wanted to cook, a friend you have wanted to spend time with, a new way home through a neighborhood you have wanted to see.

You get the idea.

To share your experience, scroll down and leave a comment! 

Don’t be shy. Your story will encourage all of us.

I will go first.

13 thoughts on “Loving Life

  1. Last night as I was finishing up with a client I got a “taste” to try a new eatery in East Liberty-Union Pig and Chicken. So Tom and I headed over. We abandoned our plans to make beans an greens that night(before the greens wilted) and followed my desire. It made a Tuesday evening feel like a special night.

  2. Now let me say that every morning in these new chapters of my life I have woken up with a giant smile on my face and a resounding “I F***ING LOVE MY LIFE!* I have met so many amazing people these last few months and have gotten to go to some amazing parties because of this. I have always wanted to learn how to kayak, so I am! I went to my first roll clinic two nights ago and nailed my roll in a few tries! (Not many people can say that!) I run all the time and signed up for a bunch of adventure races coming up! I drink tea and go to bed early. Even better and as a result, I have lost 15 llbs because of how active I have been! When people ask me how I have been, I can honestly smile at them with a HUGE smile and say FANTASTIC and mean every letter of that word 😀 ADVENTURE AWAITS

  3. I love the idea, and I just came home from a walk in Frick Park, and I saw the most amazing purple tree. Other than that I hqave all the pre-trip anxiety necessary to go on a trip. I leave on Saturday.

  4. In recent years, my partner and I have taken the same vacation … even staying in the same cottage. We always plan this by January and have it all set and paid for. This year we both avoided making the commitment — we didn’t even talk about vacation. It turns out we were both secretly longing to do something we’ve never done. Yesterday, we booked a vacation to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, a beautiful place that is totally new to us and a big unknown. But it made me feel so happy to break out of the rut and take a chance on a new adventure. At the same time, I was also feeling particularly happy about my new business and not sure whether I just absolutely love my life or the B vitamins are kicking in big time! 😉 Anyway, thanks, Patricia, for giving people the opportunity to post about loving their lives!

  5. I have a new CD (yes, I am still buying CDs and not downloading to my IPOD from I Tunes) of the old group Simon & Garfunkel and I have been singing to and from work. “Cecilia, your breaking my heart….” I am lovin’ the drive! Thanks Patricia for the challenge.

  6. I made time on a walk yesterday to take pictures of trees that took my breath away. I really enjoyed them(and myself) and their beauty

  7. I took the time today to finally check out my friend’s blog, which I have been planning to do every day since we had dinner together 2 months ago. I think about my friend often, and how much her encouraging words helped that evening – but I’ve been “too busy” to read her blog or o let her know…I love your blog, Patricia! And thank you!

  8. I was doing an mri on a 11 year old boy today. He was trying to be brave and do it without his mom.He won my heart when he showed me his childhood blanket. I had to laugh in my heart because the blanket had turned into a mere string. He held it so tight and hopped onto the table completing his test with a smile. Why am I writing about all this? My daughter also had a blanket that turned into a string. She used to carry it around faithfully. Everyone told me to take it away from her. She is too old for it. ETC ETC ETC. I could not take it from her. That blanket gave her such securtiy and love. That memory will ALWAYS make my heart smile. Now she is a 17 year old young woman. Secure with who she is . I can’t help believing letting her have that blanket until it disappeared did her a world of good. Let your child stay younger longer it is more fun.

  9. A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to go to a PITT basketball game at the Peterson Events Center in Oakland on a random Tuesday night. We bought tickets at the door, had such a great time at the game, then walked down the hill to “The O” where we had hotdogs and cheese fries (something I haven’t done since college). We had such a great time! I was reminded of this “I love my life” board because as I was finishing off my cheese fries I realised how glad I was that we took advantage of living so close to Oakland. We turned a regular old Tuesday night into something special. 🙂

  10. Over the weekend, my friend Emily and I road tripped back home to Ohiopyle. Our main goal: get me in a boat and complete my very first full river run. The first night, we got there later so we could only play around near the take out. At first, my kayak spun in circles and I got frustrated easily (as my mom can tell you is the way I get when I dont pick something up as quickly as I think I should) within a few minutes I got the hang of trying to paddle upstream. I learned to ferry, catch eddys, and peel out. All things Emily (a longtime paddler) was very impressed and excited that I was really getting the hang of it. Also, we got there later so we got to paddle a little at night with the bats and it was truly like feeling infinite. The next day, we drove out to Confluence and put in to boat the Middle Yough. Now this is only class 1 and 2 rapids, but for a girl that has never been on moving water before the previous night, a big step. We launched and headed for my first rapid. Nailed it (not without some choice words being screamed out) also the water was freezing. Emily clued me into one of the tricks she likes to do when shes nervous going through a rapid: sing. The next rapid had a hole (meaning larger rapid that you have to punch your boat through), I was nervous but sang Pocahontas Just Around the River Bend at the top of my lungs as I punched through the hole and completed the rapid safely. Emily turned her kayak at the end of the rapids to see me finishing them, laughing, singing, and beaming. I was reminded of The King and I, Whistle a Happy Tune. Life really comes down to perspective. I could be terrified and scared of the water or I could laugh and play with the currents and just not worry so much. Life will take care of you more than you think. I love my life!

  11. I am soooo inspired reading these stories. Jena I love your singing through the rapids and Heidi your singing to work-I love that song too and if I were in the car alone I would join you : O . Dana my future daughter in law and I went to the hockey game last Thursday. We ate pretzels and drank beer and had a blast! Kim my son had a blankie too. I know what you mean. Mary I have thought of you soooo often and wonder how it is all working out. Thank you for finding your way to my blog. It means a lot that you love it. Ruth I have been taking pictures of trees and thinking of you.

    Reading all of these makes me love my life over and over and over…it is contagious!!!

  12. I love my life why? They are doing a research study at my hospital on stroke patients. Most of the patients have a severe stroke affecting one side. They are be treated with stem cells. There is one man who absolutely amazes us when we scan him. The first time he came he couldn’t move his entire left side or stand up. The next time he stood. Then he took 10 steps to the table. Everytime he comes the improvement is absolutely stunning. We are so excited that severe stroke victims can be helped by these stem cells. We asked the where they came from and they are manufactured and sent in. I love my life when I get to be part of amazing medicine…………..


    what’s funny is everyone
    worships Something all day,

    even the coldest fish

    rabid devotion swims
    in the blood
    like corpuscles

    of Light

    people just make
    small gods

    of their parnters
    or kids

    dreams or

    or money

    being mad
    or being liked

    their worries,fears
    or doubts,

    regrets or pain

    so why not
    just make

    an all-consuming,

    Deity of


    This is by tosha silver..enjoy

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